Hyundai Mobis developing Accessible Seating Solutions for people with disabilities

Recognizing the huge need for assistive tech products, India-based company, True Assistive Technology, has been developing products of international standards that enable disability inclusion.

The company has now collaborated with Hyundai Mobis, part of the Hyundai Group, to offer accessible car seating solutions for persons with disability with mobility issues.   There are about 26.8 million People with Disabilities in India, with about 20 percent of the individuals facing mobility challenges. A significant challenge of mobility has to do with getting in and out of cars. There is a dearth of products that are completely engineered to assist. Available solutions are mainly modifications made by local garages. Other imported solutions are expensive and only a few vehicle dealerships provide them, with a cumbersome aftersales experience. To solve this, True Assistive Technology is making standardized products for the Indian market. One of its signature products – Turn Plus – has impacted more than 500 lives in India. Turn Plus, is a patented, award-winning, easy-to-install, swivel seat mechanism for cars, which addresses a very important aspect of easy commute and being independent to move around easily. It is designed to improve the quality of travel and life by making car travel easy for people who face mobility challenges. With Turn Plus, the original seat, along with its track and reclining motion, remains intact. The seat is removed, the mechanism is installed, and the seat is put back. There is no modification to the car’s structure or core functioning. It can be installed in 80 percent of Indian cars in less than five hours. Additionally, with minimal modification to the vehicle, the mechanism can be removed and the seat can be restored to its original condition easily. No maintenance is required and the product comes with a three-year warranty. This collaboration is a first of its kind. Partnering with a global brand will help offer accessibility solutions in the market and help several individuals choose to step out of their houses and lead independent and fulfilling lives. Accessible car seat solutions will play a crucial role in the Indian automotive market by improving the quality of travel and life for those facing mobility challenges.


Source: The Financial Express