JanSport enters the adaptive fashion market with highly accessible range of bags

Backpack brand JanSport has launched its collection of highly accessible crossbody bags and backpacks aimed at consumers with disabilities.

Both the Central Adaptive Backpack and Central Adaptive Crossbody, which are available in black and misty rose color schemes, were co-designed alongside the disability community with help from disability advocacy group Disability:IN.

Disability:IN was able to link JanSport with disabled consumers to build out consumer focus groups. The start of the project to product launch took a whole three years as the company was keen to ensure it had fully got to grips with the market dynamics and needs of its customers.

Monica Rigali, Vice President, Global Brand, at JanSport, said: “JanSport strives to meet consumers where they are by intently listening and developing products that are inclusive, stylish and functional, while simultaneously providing an opportunity for self-expression.

“Consumers with disabilities played an incredibly large role in our adaptive journey from conception to testing, and this collection would not have been possible without their honest advice, feedback and support.”

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the purchasing power of the disabled in the UK was estimated at €175 billion per year in 2020. The market potential for adaptive clothing imports to the was at an estimated €2.8 billion in 2018.

The entry of the well-known brand to the adaptive clothing industry is joined by Tommy Hilfigure’s Adaptive Collection, which was recently added to Zalando, an online platform for fashion and lifestyle. Even children’s entertainment giant Disney launched a line of adaptive Halloween costumes, which featured wheelchair cover sets and other easy-access features for disabled children.

There has been a recent uprising in accessible fashion, disabled-led Adaptista launched a “first-of-its-kind” high-end e-commerce platform in the UK which features an array of carefully curated brands offering inclusive fashion, beauty and lifestyle products.

Source: THIIS