Jenile International

Jenile is a company created by a deaf person for deaf people. Director and founder, Hassen Chaïeb, grew up and spent his whole life in a deaf/hearing family environment. Through his experience, he realised that deaf and hard-of-hearing people are confronted with difficulties on a daily basis, such as not being able to hear: doorbells, fire alarms, babies crying, someone entering the room, etc. And that the existing products on the market did not meet all their needs.

So he decided to design his products. There are two categories of products:

Transmitters, which send the information to be received, such as fire alarms, SMS flashers, door detectors, warning buttons, baby cameras, etc.

Receivers that signal the information, such as our flash cubes, flash sockets, pocket vibrators, and our 8-diode fixed flash.

Source:  Jenile International