Maitha’s Success with Eye Gaze Technology


Maitha’s journey with eye gaze technology carries the message of the transformative power of perseverance and adaptability. Initially daunted by fear and anxiety, she faced the challenge, gradually mastering the basics of the system. Over time, she is learning to overcoming hurdles like startle reflexes patterns inherent to her diagnosis of cerebral palsy.


Her progress is a testament to resilience and determination, evolving from uncertainty to confidence. Now adept at navigating targets and expressing her need for breaks when overwhelmed, Maitha’s journey showcases the importance of the role of a trans-displinary team approach that contributes to the growth in mastering assistive technology.

Maitha’s story extends beyond eye gaze technology; she is a multi-modal communicator, seamlessly integrating her iPad with communication apps to engage with her environment actively. Through her journey, Maitha inspires others to embrace challenges, conquer fears, and strive for communication and participation in their communities.







Author: Regina Ramdas

Assistant HOD, Assistive Technology

Al Noor Training Centre


Website: Al Noor Rehabilitation & Welfare Association for People of Determination 

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