World’s First of its Kind Multi-line Digital Braille E-reader

Make Reading For Pleasure, A Pleasure!

The Canute 360 electronic Braille reader is designed to be used as a Kindle for blind people. Before Canute 360 electronic Braille was only a single line or even only a handful of characters. Imagine trying to read a book from a calculator display! Although the remit of the Canute has expanded to include many other uses, the heart of the Canute has always been to make reading pleasurable.

With Canute 360’s multiline design, instead of puzzling to reassemble awkwardly divided words and sentences, the reader rapidly reads texts, even with both hands, while having an overview of the whole paragraph. Canute’s display show’s a third or more of a Braille page’s layout… Not one twenty-seventh of the layout! In addition, the Canute 360 allows the reader to read books continuously as the page refreshes from the top, place bookmarks, switch between them and chapters and skip between books with the menu system and enjoy reading their favourite novels.

Reading Braille has never been such a pleasure!

Product by: Topland

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