Making the Inaccessible Accessible – The UAE’s Vision for Inclusive Infrastructure

The UAE must not only redefine Accessibility Beyond Traditional Boundaries, but also In their pursuit of inclusivity, aim to revolutionize the concept of accessibility. This can be done by a commitment to inclusivity that must be extended further to the country’s hotels and transportation that needs to be made accessible- but also the natural landscapes.

Through innovative design and thoughtful planning, beaches, deserts, and other outdoor areas must be made accessible for individuals with disabilities. Accessible pathways and designated areas equipped with reliable mobility devices ensure that everyone, irrespective of their abilities, can experience the beauty of nature, enjoy beach activities, and explore the vastness of the desert. Everyone should be able to take a drive in the desert, enjoy a campfire and sleep under the stars.

Swimming Pools and beaches for all. Specialized design modifications, such as lift systems and adapted entry points, can help facilitate safe and comfortable access to swimming pools and the sea.

These enhancements should empower and inspire individuals with disabilities to fully engage in water-based activities, promoting physical well-being, and social integration. Let everyone be able to enjoy sailing, swimming, and diving in the UAE.

In conclusion, the UAE’s ongoing efforts to make the previously inaccessible accessible must showcase their visionary approach to inclusivity. Their commitment to creating an inclusive physical environment can serve as a model for the rest of the world, fostering a society where everyone can fully participate, regardless of their abilities.

Written by:
Jens Jafar Lund
Llm Law – Owner/ managing partner