Marafek Mobility Solutions

Marafek Mobility Solutions has been a leading provider of mobility and accessibility solutions in the UAE since 2004, and offers a range of products including full-sized wheelchair-accessible vans, vehicle lifts, wheelchair lifts, and seating transfer solutions. As an authorized exclusive dealer of Savaria Canada and European manufacturers, Marafek represents North American Wheelchairvan. CA in the Middle East region. The company is a Golden Partner of Savaria and holds dealership agreements with key members of the European Mobility Group. Marafek Mobility Solutions also provides a convenient Handicapped Accessible Transport solution for schools, hospitals, Rehabilitation Centres, and organizations with multiple wheelchair users. Their designs, developed in partnership with the Canadian firm Savaria Accessibility Group, focus on safety and comfort. We specialize in modifying

Handicapped accessible school buses, Specialized Ambulances, and Mobile Vans cater to the unique needs of wheelchair users. The vehicles are locally modified to meet local authorities’ specific requirements across the Emirates and the Middle East.

Trust Marafek Mobility Solutions for reliable and efficient mobility solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.



Source: Guidosimplex

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