Mindrockets – Your Sign Language Web Interpreter

Mind Rockets developed a plugin that adds Sign Language to your website or social media channel using interpreting 3D smart Avatars. Avatars deliver instant translation from text to Sign Language to help companies, governments and organizations become accessible for the Deaf community. Mind Rockets focuses on making content such as (website, Facebook pages, ERP and CRM …etc.) interpreted in Sign Language with our Awards-Winning AI Based technology that uses Smart 3D avatars.


It is very difficult for the deaf and hard of hearing to read the written text in websites including:

Governmental website
Social media hubs
E-Commerce websites
Educational websites

How to interpret your website in sign language?
Interpreting your website in sign language so they can get benefits from it. Therefore, don’t worry, you don’t have to record a video for every single page on your website.

Machine interpretation (Automated and instantly)
Easy to integrate with your website(Plug and Play).
Hover the cursor over a text and it will be interpreted immediately.
On-Demand Professional interpretation review
Quick setup within minutes.
HTML Widget
Support Arabic and English languages.
We can customize the avatar to fit your brand.

Supported sign Languages:
American Sign Language
British Sign Language
Egyptian Sign Language.
UAE Sign Language.
Jordanian Sign Language.
Saudi Sign Language.
Unified Arabic Sign language.

Source: Mindrockets

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