Miryana’s World Works to Empower Children with Disabilities

As we eagerly await the fifth edition of the AccessAbilities Expo in October 2023, Miryana’s World, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering children with disabilities, has had the incredible opportunity and unique experience of showcasing its work in this domain. There have been significant efforts in highlighting the achievements of individuals with disabilities on this platform for global access and inclusion. We are excited to be part of this exceptional exhibition, standing alongside a community committed to empowering People of Determination.

At the heart of Miryana’s World is a remarkable and creative little girl named Miryana. Like several other children with disabilities, she faces challenges imposed by society and her environment. However, her spirit and determination are an inspiration to all. Miryana’s World is actively engaged in the global advocacy movement to help every child grow and achieve maximum potential through the books it publishes. These books are not only entertaining and engaging but also purposefully designed to promote inclusivity and understanding among children.

We commend this Expo for its unwavering commitment to individuals with disabilities. Through its tireless efforts, the platform showcases the achievements and successes of People of Determination, while facilitating their access to services. It highlights the abilities and talents of these individuals, promoting their rights, advocacy, and inclusion. It is a powerful platform that contributes to creating an environment where People with Disabilities can thrive, communicate, and contribute to society.

Our participation in the previous two editions has been immensely beneficial for us and the children we serve. This participation provided us with the opportunity to showcase our message, engage with a diverse audience, and build meaningful connections within the disabled community. We look forward to another unforgettable experience as we are excited about our participation and to meet new people and share our stories. This Expo provides us with an opportunity to amplify our message and reach a wider audience, along with inspiring others to embrace the potential of every child.

The AAE continues to be a beacon of hope, showcasing the achievements of individuals with disabilities and their valuable contributions to society. Miryana’s World is enthusiastic about connecting with the community as we play our part in empowering children to grow and achieve their maximum potential through our books. We are ready to embrace this new challenge and strive towards creating a world that accommodates and empowers every child.

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Source: Miryana’s World