NAFFCO – Empowering People of Determination

NAFFCO – Empowering People of Determination

Visually impaired individuals have difficulty understanding the environment they are entering, that creates challenges in communication and mobility. Therefore, the Individuals who are visually impaired can use NaviLens codes to assist them navigate easily through facilities or areas where they are available. The NaviLens Apps will enable the visually impaired individuals to use their mobile camera to scan ddTags signages and navigate through the route, to get the necessary information.

NaviLens helps in making cities’ facilities smarter and more inclusive for visually impaired individuals. The capabilities of the codes increase their ability to interact more easily and be accessible with their environment in places such as metro stations, bus stops, museums, shopping malls, public buildings…. etc.

The NaviLens Application s has many features that make the app easier for visually impaired users. The dd Tags signages can be scanned from 15 meters away and 12x times faster than normal QR and barcode, it takes 1/30 seconds to read. Additionally, the Apps have the capability to read in all light conditions and wide angle up to 160º. it gives the user Accurate distance information and doesn’t require focusing. It detects multiple dd tags together to effectively communicate to the users.

The NaviLens Apps are designed for individuals with visual and hearing impairments and facilitates them with indoor/outdoor necessary information.

Product of: NaviLens Empowered by: Naffco