Neural Earbuds may improve the lives for those with mobility impairments

Company Naqi Logix showcased its high-tech neural earbuds at the CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

The company states that neural earbuds mark a leap forward in the realm of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

These earbuds boast the capability to control a multitude of digital devices, creating an interface that appears almost “telepathic.”

Unlike brain implants, Naqi Neural Earbuds provide a safe, non-invasive alternative that is transforming how people interact with technology.

“Our neural earbuds enable users to command, control, and navigate computers, digital devices, smart home IoT devices, robots, and wheelchairs without voice, touch, screens, or cameras,” mentioned the company’s website.

As per the blog, these earphones detect small facial motions, like as jaw tightening or brow lifting, and transform them into actionable instructions, giving you more control over an unseen interface.

The possible applications for Naqi Earbuds are numerous, with a special emphasis on enhancing the lives of those with mobility disabilities. These earphones, which are currently under development, have the potential to provide users with unprecedented independence by allowing them to easily operate wheelchairs and smart-home gadgets.

In the company’s blog post, Dave Segal, the co-founder of Naqi Logix, shared the inspiration behind this groundbreaking technology. He explained that the invention of wearable tech capable of utilizing electric signals from the brain to control various devices was driven by a desire to assist a quadriplegic friend.

Segal describes this tech as “a safe, noninvasive, universal, invisible, and silent command and control system.

The potential for transforming lives has garnered the Naqi Neural Earbuds the CES Innovation Award honoree for accessibility and aging tech.

“This remarkable technology offers a bridge to enhanced mobility and control for those with disabilities, and it may extend its influence to entirely new domains, including the competitive landscape of professional gaming,” mentioned the blog.

The Naqi Neural Earbuds demonstrate the capacity of technology to bring about good change, breaking obstacles for those with impairments.

Source:  Interesting Engineering