OrCam Read 3 – An All-In-One Solution for People with Vision Loss or Reading Fatigue

OrCam Technologies is a pioneer in ‘personal AI assistive companions’ that deliver increased accessibility and independence in daily living. In keeping with its drive to create empowering solutions for studying, working, socializing, accessibility, and performing daily tasks, it has launched its latest innovation:  OrCam Read 3.

An all-in-one solution for people with vision loss or reading fatigue, or who find reading challenging, OrCam Read 3 can be used as a next-generation magnifier for pictures, handwriting, math formulas, and text, as a handheld reading companion, or in a fixed position using a stationary reader.

Operated using voice commands or user-friendly yellow buttons for point & click text capture, the handheld device instantly reads aloud text from any surface: printed (book, newspaper, menu) or digital (computer, tablet, and smartphone screens).

The Smart Reading feature enables effortless location of – and navigation to –specific words within the text.  A specially-designed stand turns any screen into a browser-based magnifier, enabling the User to zoom in on text, handwriting, photos, graphics, and math equations as well as extract text and customize the text formatting – for independent reading or out-loud reading by OrCam Read 3.

Source: OrCam