People of Determination to be the focus at AccessAbilities Expo

2,297 rare diseases afflict Arab countries’ residents

A medical conference, scheduled as a part of the fifth AccessAbilities Expo being held at Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai City, from October 9-11, 2023, will put the spotlight on the UAE’s efforts to increase medical care and rehabilitation for People of Determination in the Gulf country.

AccessAbilities Expo 2023 will see the participation of specialists from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors alongside nurses and nutritionists.

Organised by the AccessAbilities Expo in collaboration with the MENA Organization for Rare Diseases, the conference is poised to spotlight the distinctive medical requirements of People of Determination and tailor healthcare solutions to their unique needs.

The primary objectives of the conference encompass the promotion of global best practices in social and rehabilitation services, clinical research, and future medical interventions.

Furthermore, it aims to illuminate the prevalence of rare diseases endemic in the Middle East.

Scientific platform

The conference’s significance lies in its role as a scientific platform that congregates top medical professionals and experts.

Together, they will engage in deliberations addressing the multifaceted medical challenges and healthcare issues affecting over 50 million People of Determination residing in the Middle East.

The conference also seeks to raise awareness of diseases and genetic disorders that can lead to disabilities.

Participants can accrue Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits while staying updated on the latest advancements in healthcare and rehabilitation.

The conference will facilitate discussions on the latest clinical research endeavours to expedite precise diagnoses and provide access to innovative treatment modalities.

Notably, the Middle East region is grappling with one of the highest prevalence rates of rare diseases globally, especially those of hereditary origin.

Arab region

According to estimates from the Dubai-based Centre for Arab Genomic Studies, around 2.8 million patients across Arab countries are afflicted by 2,297 rare diseases, imposing substantial financial burdens on government and private sector budgets as they endeavour to improve the lives of affected individuals.

Professor Ayman El-Hattab, Founder and President of the MENA Organization for Rare Diseases, underscored the significance of the conference, particularly for People of Determination suffering from rare genetic diseases.

Ghassan Suleiman, CEO of AccessAbilities Expo, noted that the conference aims to educate the community of People of Determination and medical care providers to share the best medical care methods and search for appropriate solutions.

Due to the rarity of these conditions, obtaining appropriate healthcare can be arduous.

Hence, the conference is pivotal in disseminating the latest information related to healthcare and rehabilitation, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to this vulnerable demographic.

Additionally, the conference will explore research experiences and their pivotal role in elevating diagnosis and treatment standards for rare diseases.

In alignment with the World Health Organization’s findings, implementing comprehensive disability prevention and non-communicable disease care can yield a substantial return on investment, estimated at approximately AED36.8 ($10) for every AED3.68 ($1) spent.

With People of Determination comprising 10-15% of the global population, totalling 1.3 billion individuals, advancing healthcare and support systems for this community cannot be overstated.

Source: Middle East News 247

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