Topland is a dynamic & growing company with extensive experience in supplying products that help enhancing lives of People of Determination. Toplands’ expertise was acquired over the years of operation in MENA markets & is supported by reliable supply sources & trustworthy customer base to meet the challenges of current business environment & needs.

Topland has a wide range of products that meet People of Determination requirements & focus on removing the barriers in their day to day lives across diverse fields like communication, healthcare, rehabilitation & other services.

Topland is closely working with Governmental & Private Organizations in the region to deploy best practices available world-wide & to ensure local availability of smart technologies & innovative products designed to empower People of Determination in getting a fair opportunity to showcase their talents & pursue their ambitions in all fields of life on an equal footing with the rest of the society.

Contact Details:
704 Churchill Business Bay
Dubai, United Arab Emirates