Gilani Mobility always pushes the boundaries when it comes to mobility products, especially when it comes to driving solutions. People of Determination who can drive have a better sense of self-sufficiency and are more eager to participate in their communities, improving their overall physical and mental health.

We introduce two innovative accessible driving solutions.

Push and Pull device
Driving for people of determination can be difficult. Fortunately, there’s been technological advancements in the field of assistive technology that made it easier. Push/pull device or hand controls, let drivers with mobility issues in their lower extremities control the vehicle’s accelerator and brake using their hands instead of their feet. With this device, driving becomes more inclusive for drivers of all abilities.

Dual pedal system

Generally, vehicles have separate pedals for acceleration and braking. But, with the dual pedal system, both functions can be controlled with a single foot, simplifying driving. This system is beneficial not only for those drivers with mobility issues but driving schools are also equipping their vehicles with this system to help instructors provide a safe learning experience for their students.

At Gilani Mobility, we aim to provide high-quality products and services so People of Determination can live life without limits. Whether it’s through innovative driving solutions, home modifications, or mobility aids, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Source: Gilani Mobility