Some things are worth repeating!

Some things are worth repeating! Dubai’s vision and efforts to become the most handicap-friendly tourist destination in the world are nothing short of sensational. It is remarkable from several perspectives. Not only can it clearly contribute to making it easier and much more enjoyable for people with disabilities to go on vacation, but it also shows the world that people with disabilities are actually a resource that remains largely untapped in terms of earnings.

Unfortunately, we lack to see more clear examples of private actors within the hospitality sector taking this opportunity seriously. There is a sort of apprehension within the industry when it comes to daring to initiate and kickstart projects targeting this customer segment.

The lack of initiative can be attributed to many factors. Partly, it’s due to a lack of the necessary knowledge to serve the customer segment, but it’s also due to a lack of economic incentive. Our firm belief is that all development requires hard work and knowledge. Accessibility should be implemented on par with green initiatives and thus be a clear cross-cutting issue for the hotel industry in Dubai.

We know that accessibility can pose an economic challenge, but everything has a cost when it comes to developing the right solutions. Therefore, it is our clear call to the hospitality industry to seek the right guidance and get on board with the wave of opportunities lying ahead in Dubai. It’s actually not so difficult to obtain that guidance, and it can definitely pay off!

By: Jens Lund 

Advisor on accessibility and Independent living solutions, Denmark