Starkey, are dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible

“We believe that Evolv AI is the best sounding, best performing hearing aid available, backed by more clinical evidence than ever before,” said Sara Burdak, Au.D., Chief Audiology Officer and Executive Vice President of Product Strategy at Starkey. “And now we are taking the best to the next level. The new enhancements effortlessly offer patients innovative technology, along with improvements to our patient fitting software and telehealth capabilities that enable the hearing care provider to serve their patients better than anyone else. We are continuing to redefine hearing healthcare for the decade ahead.”

“While Evolv AI was groundbreaking technology, at Starkey, we never stop innovating and improving to help others hear better and live better,” said Achin Bhowmik, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering at Starkey. “When a person experiences hearing loss, one of the first things their brain often loses is the ability to understand speech when there are background noises, especially wind or machine noise. The new technology in Evolv AI provides the clarity the brain craves in these difficult listening situations. Evolv AI is designed to help the brain adapt and retrain to understand speech in difficult environments.”

“At Starkey, we are dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible,” said Starkey President and CEO Brandon Sawalich. “That is why Hear Better, Live Better is much more than a tagline. It’s our commitment to helping patients have deeper connections to their loved ones and the world around them.”