Tender Hearts Arena arecreational facility for determined ones

Tender Hearts Arena

Tender Hearts Arena, a first-of-its-kind recreational facility for determined ones in UAE provides a unique mix of recreational, essential life, and social skills development programs under one roof.

Located near Burj Al Arab, the center provides hope for parents of these children who struggle daily to find a place where their children can learn, play, achieve and have fun. We not only provide structured recreational activities for these children but also evaluate and enhance their skills. The center ensures specialized one-to-one attention, and custom-built classrooms for defined recreational activities,  all under the supervision of closed-circuit cameras and specialized activity leaders.

Tender Hearts Arena is a team of talented individuals with a vision and mission of recreating the life of determined ones and helping them become confident members of society and the world at large.

The center is open throughout the year providing inclusive Holiday camps to determined ones thus engaging them constructively during their holidays.

As summer sets in, the Holiday Camps and workshops  At Tender Hearts Arena are organized for children and teens to provide an opportunity for learning and developing their social skills through fun, safe educational /recreational programs, outdoor experiences, and group activities.

The campers will experience a new theme every week! Each week will include fitness,  life skills, creative art projects, music, social communication, role plays cooking, and active games.

Summer workshops conducted at Tender Hearts Arena aim in preparing determined young adults to empower their learning skills, help them gain confidence, and self-esteem, and reach a level where they can achieve future independence.

At Tender Hearts Arena, we teach children not only to learn but to lead. You can find details of the activities on our website www.tenderhearts.ae, or email us at info@tenderhearts.ae, admin@tenderhearts.ae