Testimonial: Zayed Higher Organization (ZHO) for People of Determination

“AccessAbilities Expo is a dedicated destination for enhancing the lives of people of determination by showcasing the latest in the field of assistive technologies and robotics services and solutions from around the world. It also reflects the keenness of the UAE and its strong efforts to ensure inclusion and accessibility, with strong support from government authorities. It is a pioneering initiative in the field of technology that helps people of determination to perform their jobs in a way that was not previously imaginable, and it empowers them to work independently, as well as increase their employability. ZHO is keen to participate in this large international event due to its benefits to our sons and daughters who are members of the organization from the ranks of people of determination. Participation in such activities leads people of determination to gain experience and refine their talents, in addition to giving them the opportunity to do so through interaction with their peers and the formation of new relationships that lead to the exchange of experiences and knowledge between them. Most importantly, participation in these activities and events emphasise the capacities and skills of our children of determination on a global basis and also confirms their ability not only to overcome their disabilities, but also to transform them into creativity and excellence.”


His Excellency Abdullah Abdul Ali Al-Humaidan
Secretary-General of the Zayed Higher Organization
(ZHO) for People of Determination, UAE