Thank You for Your Giving Group – POD Contributes to our Community

Manal Aljaouhari, the coach, interviewer, and deputy director of the Thanks for Your Giving Volunteering Group, spoke at the first Middle East and North African rare diseases conference held in Dubai at the Albustan Hotel, which featured more than 100 speakers and more than 500 attendees.

In addition to being a social demand and a government orientation, it contributes to the elimination of bad manners, mental issues, and depression, optimal use of free time, learning new skills, self-development, and rehabilitation. Manal has discussed the contribution of the volunteering group in merging people with determination and people with rare diseases in the community and in particular in the voluntary works.

The bad habit chief finished by demonstrating the main efforts and occasions they coordinated to fulfill to serve and to restore and to enable individuals of assurance and individuals with uncommon sicknesses, for example, individuals of assurance exhibition 2022.

Source: Thank you for Giving Volunteer Team