The Butterfly is the First Inclusive Employment Ecosystem in UAE

The Butterfly is an Awarded Social Enterprise of Ma’an, the Authority of Social Contribution, Abu Dhabi and an enabler of the Abu Dhabi Disability Strategy 2020/2024 of the Department of Community Development for the employment pillar. It acts as a one stop shop in the UAE, the first point of referral, for People of Determination, families and care givers, that are seeking advice, representation and support on how to overcome the challenges they face.

The Butterfly Inclusive Employment Ecosystem is the first employment network in the UAE of like-minded organizations and leaders who are passionate about fostering inclusion for the employment of People of Determination. Together, we create a workplace where everyone can thrive. We share insights, collaborate, and learn from one another as you embark on your inclusion journey.

Together, we cultivate a workplace where every person of determination feels valued, respected, and included. Our experienced team support you in developing an action plan and measurable goals to track your progress. By becoming an inclusion champion, you’ll showcase your commitment to diversity.

If you are a company ready to become a Champion of Inclusion we invite you to join the Inclusive Employment Ecosystem. Let The Butterfly be your trusted partner on this transformative journey.

Join our Movement and Level Up with Inclusive Employment Ecosystem.

Source: The Butterfly