The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center Launches Teleconsultation Services

The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center (DDY) recognizes that COVID-19 has directly impacted many people, especially children diagnosed with autism and their families. As COVID-19 changes the way services are delivered, DDY is exploring new ways to connect with our clients and their families.

DDY has officially launched a behavior teleconsultation service for families. Families will be able to access clinical ABA consultations with a BCBA/BCaBA to address specific questions or concerns via online platform. This service will work on coaching parents on how to use positive reinforcement strategies (i.e., token board, visual schedule, first/then) and other ABA strategies (prompting, increasing motivation, pairing etc.) while promoting generalization and maintenance of skills at home. DDY also focus on providing parents with parent training videos as a model on how to run certain teaching procedures as well as worksheets to practice certain skills.

With this new service, DDY aims to continue to support parents and provide individualized clinical recommendations so that they can help their child be more successful at home. Many people with autism and their families are being directly impacted by seeing disruptions in services and coping with the unknown. DDY’s goal is to be there for families and help them get through these uncertain times.

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