The New Google Home App is Finally Here

The smart home controller app has had a complete overhaul, including a much-needed new Favorites tab, an improved camera interface, support for dozens of new device types, and more controls for existing ones. And you’ll now be able to use an iPhone to set up Matter devices in Google Home.

That last bit of news is one of the final pieces of the puzzle for complete platform support of the new smart home standard Matter, following Amazon’s rollout of Thread compatibility last week. Google has been a major player in developing the standard but has been slower than others to ramp up support since Matter’s launch last year. With the arrival of iOS 16.5, you’ll now be able to set up any Matter device with any smart home platform app on any smartphone. Previously, iOS devices could only use the Apple Home or Samsung SmartThings app to add Matter gadgets to a home network.

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Source: The Verge