Treat-Eezi Mattress – A Static Pressure Relief System that Requires No Electricity or Pumps

One Christmas a couple of years ago a gentleman came out of hospital after an operation. The hospital discharged him with an existing pressure ulcer that went from a grade 2 to a grade 3 which is very dangerous. Once at home, a nurse for the Community Care visited and told him that he should go back into hospital because of his wound. He refused as it was two weeks before Christmas and he wanted to be with his wife and family when they visited over the holiday.

The nurse returned the next day with an electric alternating air bed, the patient refused the equipment because he pointed out he lived in a one bedroom apartment so where would his wife sleep. Luckily, the patient lived in a borough in London where they were giving Treat-Eezi products to patients at high risk. The nurse returned the same day with a Treat-Eezi mattress overlay and placed it under the patient, his wife was able to sleep in the same bed without any disturbance as the Treat-Eezi is a static pressure relief system that requires no electricity or pumps.

After three weeks, the grade 3 ulcer vanished and the patient spent Christmas at home with his wife and family. The NHS Health Authority in London telephoned our office and said, we had saved them a minimum of US$40,000 due to the fact the patient recovered at home and did not have to spend his Christmas for at least seven to 10 days in hospital. Everyone was very happy and this particular London Health Authority continues to supply Treat-Eezi products to those at most risk of pressure ulcers.

Source: DanMedicaSouth