Visually Impaired Youth Finds Solace in Braille Quran

Being born visually impaired has not stopped Muhammad Taufik Azman from reflecting deeply on the Quran.

The 22-year-old’s determination and commitment to learn and tap into the secrets of the holy book is obvious as he traces the raised dots on the Quran in braille with his fingers while reciting each sacred verse.

His interest and love for the Quran began at the age of seven and from then on he was motivated to learn the techniques to become a fluent Quran reader.

“To me, each verse in the holy Quran carries a beautiful message and every time I read it, I feel calm and relaxed.

“I began reading Quran in braille since I was seven years old when I received my early education at SK Pendidikan Khas Princess Elizabeth, Johor Baru.

“I was guided to understand the meaning of the braille dots,” he told Bernama at the Mengaji (Recitation) Marathon 2023 programme yesterday.

Organised by an online learning institute, MCPLUS, the 12-hour non-stop Quran recitation programme, participated by artistes and young people was held in conjunction with Nuzul Quran celebration.

Source: The Star