WDU grants international certificates to places for People with Disabilities

About us

The World Disability Union (WDU) was established in 2011 as an inclusive umbrella organization for 400 sub-organizations from 91 countries with the status of International Certificates to Places .

Within the scope of the Convention on the PwD guaranteed by countries disability prevention, overcoming the disability, within the framework of the WDU Implementation Projects it developed for the inclusion of people with disabilities into the society.

It aims at sustainable corporate work and unity with all relevant and competent parties.

We are the only institution that grants International Certificates to Places that are environmentally qualified for people with disabilities, whether governmental or private (airports, hotels, transportation, parks, museums, malls, etc.).


The certificate  of the World Disability Union for the places eligible for people with disabilities in its three sections is an official recognition that this place is friendly for people with disabilities.
In line with Article 9 of the UN Convention.


The World disability union continues to evaluate many places eligible for people with disabilities in all countries, around the world, as the committees are working to follow up on the audit.

The World disability union is preparing to launch its application on Android phones and iPhones to facilitate the disabled to know the places that have the certificate places eligible for people with disabilities.

World Disability Union