Welcome to the Future of Accessible Transportation: Introducing The Ultimate G24 Vehicle Conversion by Gilani Mobility

A game-changer in the wheelchair-accessible vehicle market, Gilani Mobility presents the Ultimate G24 vehicle conversion developed and Made in the UAE. A unique solution ready to redefine mobility, bringing with it the latest innovation, the revolutionary NoRamp® Technology, setting new standards in accessibility by erasing the need for conventional external ramps.

A combination of safety and style, The Ultimate G24 vehicle conversion technology is designed for easily accessible and affordable vehicles on the market like the Kia Carnival and Hyundai Staria, offering unparalleled convenience at the press of a button.

One of the important features is the AutoTailgate® full power-assisted accessibility for passengers with all levels of ability when entering or alighting. The Ultimate G24 Conversion will come with the versatile MaxiPlus® seating, further broadening the extent of accommodation possibilities from eight passengers to five, plus one wheelchair.

Elegant, yet functional, every detail in the Ultimate G24 Conversion has been designed to transform every family, taxi service, and provider of community transport. It’s a bold leap into the future of boundless accessibility.

Discover how This Ultimate G24 Conversion is shaping a different kind of life with mobility for all. Embrace the transport of tomorrow with Gilani Mobility.

About Gilani Mobility :

Gilani Mobility brings you the most innovative mobility solutions to empower accessibility and independent living. From the start to the finish to every detail, it is clear that the team applies a unified commitment toward excellence and pushes the boundary of what is possible in accessible transportation.


Source: Gilani Mobility 

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