WeWALK Smart Cane that facilitates the mobility of PwD

WeWALK – Smart Cane that facilitates the mobility of people with visual impairment

WeWALK – Smart Cane that facilitates the mobility of people with visual impairment during the pandemic and beyond. Gradual return to normal life after the outbreak of COVID-19 is currently underway in most of countries. However, this process of normalization requires visually impaired individuals to be extra careful and often more vigilant when it comes to protecting themselves against the virus.
For example, people with visual impairment may have to touch more surfaces while going shopping or using public transportation, come into close contact with other people more when they ask for help while on the go, or even if they don’t ask for help, people may still approach them for the purpose of helping them, often to the detriment of both visually impaired individuals and their health. Most importantly, maintaining safe distance in crowded areas, can be tricky.
WeWALK Smart Cane has most advanced features with Voice Assistant and Ultrasonic Sensor to tackle all these challenges and to assist visually impaired people to have their journeys safer and fully independent.
Ultrasonic Sensor helps detecting obstacles around visually impaired people, including hanging obstacles above the chest level, and notifies them through vibrations and sounds. With WeWALK Obstacle Detection feature, visually impaired people can be more aware of what is around them by setting the obstacle detection distance of the WeWALK to 150 cm, which is also a recommended safe distance that should be maintained between people.
WeWALK Smart Cane connects to a person’s phone through an app (via Bluetooth) and enables step by step navigation that it speaks out loud, thanks to its integration with Google Maps and other navigation apps. Navigation experience allows people with visual impairment to go anywhere without asking for directions when exploring new places, thus limiting contacts with strangers.
WeWALK Public Transportation: this unique feature allows to remotely check the distance of buses to the nearest bus station through WeWALK app. WeWALK app can read out loud bus timetables, notifies when a bus is approaching, which allows visually impaired people to reduce waiting time at the bus stop and avoid large crowds.
WeWALK Smart Cane will be showcased by Topland during AccessAbility Expo, 15-17th November 2022.