What is Dammg platform?

What is Dammg platform?

Integration is the solution that achieves social and educational inclusion for individuals with disabilities among their non-disabled peers, providing them with the necessary services. Because we believe in this, we have established Dammg platform to support people with disabilities.

Dammg is a specialized platform that acts as a bridge between parents and top specialists in the field of special education and children rehabilitation, providing parents with all the resources and tools that can assist them in the rehabilitation journey of their children.

Our Vision at Dammg is to create educational opportunities to meet the needs of children with disabilities, and to help them access appropriate support anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission focuses on achieving two main goals:

  • Empowering children with disabilities to engage in the educational process effortlessly.
  • Providing them with communication skills with others.

Why Dammg is Your Right Choice?

At Dammg, we focus on working with highly competent and specialized trainers. We constantly strive to provide experts in all areas of special education, enabling them to offer tailored support to children based on each child’s case, and help them integrate into society with their families.

We also ensure the training of trainers and parents to provide assistance with high professionalism.

We continuously seek to expand the scope of our services to reach the largest number of children, and to partner with as many trainers as possible to provide their services on the platform. This ensures efficiency and diversity in the capabilities of the trainers available on the platform.

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