Wide Range of Affordable Home Lift Solutions – Cibes Lift

CIBES, the manufacturer of a wide range of home lifts that can be adapted to most homes and budgets, has unveiled home lift solutions at its Dubai office that allows accessing all the floors of homes with the simple push of a button. It comes in flexible sizes, with required space starting at one square metre. No civil works are required. Also, no pit and no machine room need and it has low overhead. A+ power consumption in the single-phase and it can carry from 300kg up to 1000kg. It comes with indoor and outdoor installation. There is a wide selection of different models and colours and it is available with a 4-side panoramic view. The lifts will integrate seamlessly with any home, without the extensive preparations and building work associated with conventional lifts. If you are looking for an elegant and customizable lift solution, which causes minimal disruption to your daily life and reduces your building costs.

Visit our showroom in Dubai, call us at 04 255 9750.