ZenSenses will be at the AccessAbilities Expo 2024

Snoezelen is an approach that promotes discovery, well-being, and relaxation through a controlled environment with different sensations. It’s an approach for everyone, and at ZenSenses, we always keep that in mind. That’s why we work with everyone from children with special needs, elderly people with dementia, groups of school children, people with  mental illness, caregivers, pregnant women, and families. We have created the first Snoezelen Room in Portugal for the general public, as well as the first sensory birthing unit and also Snoezelen Room in a prison. This approach is oriented towards relaxation and  stimulation and covers all types of people, without exception.

ZenSenses is a reference in various services, products, training, and consultancy in the area of Snoezelen Approach, reaching countries such as Cape Verde, Brazil, Italy, Norway and also the Middle East. After having visited Dubai, Oman, and Saudi Arabia in 2023, ZenSenses is returning to continue spreading the magical world of Snoezelen in the Middle East.

It will be available:

– Training in Snoezelen Approach for students, professionals and parents / caregivers

– Consultancy & creation of multisensory spaces

– Fantastic sensory products for sale

About the training, students and professionals in the field of health, education and social intervention will be able to see all the information and register for the Snoezelen Approach Training. We also have a Snoezelen Approach Training specifically for the Middle East taking place in September. Check out all the details at: https://bit.ly/4bjMjUG In both with the possibility of purchasing products advised by a specialized Occupational Therapist, according to the needs of the child (for parents), or clients (for institutions or entities).

Interactivity is a very important factor in multisensory environments, at the Expo we will show how with a controller, the user can change the color of various equipment, from optical fibers to star carpets, increasing autonomy, self-control, self-esteem, and interaction / communication.

Who is interested in scheduling personalized online training for their work team, or a consulting meeting to create a multisensory environment, it is possible right now, just ask for more information. It is also possible to reserve equipment before the Expo, as it will be limited to the existing stock.


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