ZHO Established Cheese Factory at People of Determination Production Centre

The Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) has set up a cheese factory at the ZHO’s People of Determination Production Centre in Al Bahia area, Abu Dhabi, adopting “Made in the UAE” slogan.

The move is geared towards meeting the daily production requirements of various dairy products, storing goat milk for later production and facilitating production processes using advanced programming.

The project helps empower students of professional disciplines in development projects in Abu Dhabi. It will be carried out by five national students with different disciplines at the Abu Dhabi Institute for Vocational Education and Training (ADVETI) and a trainer from ZHO’s teaching staff.
The factory’s establishment took more than three years. It started with the establishment of a cheese manufacturing unit in ZHO, within the vocational and agricultural rehabilitation projects, by honing the skills of ZHO’s members in the manufacture of cheese and local products.

At a later stage, cheese products of all kinds and yoghurt manufactured by members of determination of the rehabilitation workshops were supplied to a number of tourism sector establishments upon their requests.

This comes as part of ZHO’s efforts to expand the circle of its products to be among the contributors to Abu Dhabi’s economic development.

With the increased demand, confidence gained and the high quality of cheese products, came to the next step by starting to meet external requests, followed by the launch of the Hemam Farms Platform, encouraging citizens to be self-employed, and the issuance of licences for farms registering on the platform to supply milk to ZHO.

The organisation then decided to establish a factory in support of national industries, opportunities, and the future, making us boast it is a UAE-made project.

ZHO’s Secretary-General Abdullah Al Humaidan expressed his extreme pleasure with the successful steps achieved, the realisation of the dream of establishing the factory as an economic entity contributing to the empowerment of people of determination, and the translation of the wise leadership’s vision, to attract young Emirati cadres and provide them with opportunities to carry out the project.

Al Humaidan stressed ZHO’s endless keenness to support and develop the capabilities of its children of determination to make them productive people in society with a core role in development, adding that it works to increase partnerships with the private sector, and encourages all institutions to activate their role in empowering and rehabilitating people of determination so that they have an indelible mark in society.

For his part, Saeed Al Bahri Salem Al Ameri, Director General of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA), said, “ZHO provides outstanding services for people of determination. We are pleased to be their partner in providing these services, as we are proud to support this excellent project by qualifying and training workers in the factory to food safety requirements.
He added that ADFCA’s specialised technicians will visit the cheese factory to verify the application of food safety requirements and collect food samples to ensure that the products conform to the approved standards and specifications.

For his part, ADVETI’s Director Dr. Abdul-Rahman Jassim Al Hammadi, stated that ADVETI supports this project by pooling its students to take part in the construction, installation, and maintenance of the cheese factory.

Source: WAM