ZHO launches walking challenge for People of Determination

The Zayed Higher Organisation (ZHO) for People of Determination has launched an initiative to enable People of Determination to walk cross-country distances. The initiative is in partnership with device and sensor manufacturer Hocoma and aims to help People of Determination feel empowered to take on challenges. It has been titled ‘Small Steps to a Great Journey’.

The program will see People of Determination in Abu Dhabi using Hocoma’s Lokomat to learn how to walk or improve walking capabilities, before continuing to the Turkiye capital of Istanbul, the Croatian city of Zagreb, and the Swiss capital city of Zurich. Rehab patients will carry on the challenge in each city and the distance will be monitored throughout. The program will conclude at the end of the year.

Hugely inspiring

“At ZHO, we are committed to supporting people of determination on their journeys to better health. The initiative will see People of Determination across markets stand up and walk — some for the very first time, which is hugely inspiring. By partnering with Hocoma, we have access to state-of-the-art robot-assisted technology and therapists that will support participants as they walk vast distances and push the boundaries. We expect this initiative to empower participants and we extend our gratitude to our partners Memorial Sisli Hospital in Turkiye and Glavic Clinic in Croatia for joining us in this endeavor,” says Abdullah Al Humaidan, ZHO Secretary-General.

Small Steps to a Great Journey

Over the past 20 years, the ZHO partnered with the most prominent institutions in the field of rehabilitation to bring advanced solutions to those needing them the most. The ‘Small Steps to a Great Journey’ encourages all Lokomat users to promote the importance of perseverance and teamwork. By bringing together patients from all over the globe, we are not only counting the steps towards the final destination but creating a stimulative environment to encourage support, and overcome the obstacles along the way.

We are excited to follow the patient’s progress, to see new partnerships resulting from this initiative, and most importantly, to witness happy patients once they achieve their goal,” says Mitja Hribar, Director of International Sales at Hocoma.