Tender Loving Care (TLC), an Australian disability services provider, has a newly inaugurated facility in Dubai. TLC strives to create a world where People of Determination of all ages, genders and races can live fulfilled lives through easy access to services. The company works to empower People of Determination with the skills to be independent, to pursue careers, to have active social and recreational lives, and to be capable of societal integration. It is working towards advancing disability rights in the community and paving the way for inclusivity of People of Determination in all aspects of society. TLC provides tailored programs, customized to each person’s needs, goals, abilities and circumstances, with the aim of eliminating barriers for those with physical, sensory, psychological and learning disabilities. Its non-prescriptive practice aspires to accommodate each individual and their specific needs.

TLC had participated for the first-time in the AccessAbilities Expo-2022, the knowledge-sharing and business-enhancing platform for the People with Disabilities who account for about 50 million in the 22-nation MENA region.